"Smoke Is Not Ambience"


When you think of bars and nightclubs, you probably think about a lively atmosphere full of people, music, and good times. For entertainers, working in bars and nightclubs comes with a heavy price. Their regular exposure to secondhand smoke has serious health consequences, including respiratory illness, heart disease, lung cancer, and even death. Why should they have to gamble with their health to earn a living?


Everyone deserves a healthy work environment. In bars and nightclubs, musicians, comedians, entertainers, other artists are at a greater risk for lung and heart disease.  They are overexposed and under-protected. So why would anyone work in a bar or nightclub if it’s so hazardous to his or her health? Like the rest of us, they have bills to pay and families to support. No one should have to choose between his or her health and a paycheck.  Don’t believe that these smoky environments are “ambiance.” They are unhealthy, even deadly work environments for the people who have to earn their livings there.



Along with increasing one’s risk of heart disease, and respiratory illnesses, secondhand smoke irritates the vocal cords, potentially causing them to shut down. Damage to the voice can cost musicians their careers.



Many of the entertainers that are loved by fans around the world, have joined together to fight for healthier workplaces for all employees.


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