Our Mission Statement


Our Mission is to eradicate all indoor smoking at all venues, places of play, bars and restaurants around the country.

Because of the health issues for which we as entertainers and service industry employees have to work. Risking our lives was not part of the vetting process when we chose our career  job paths for our future.

Smoke-Free Rights For All is a broad coalition of partnering organizations and individuals who believe all musicians and service industry employees and customers have the right to breathe clean indoor air. All health studies have proven that there are no acceptable levels of "Secondhand Smoke, None." Just 30 minutes of exposure to Secondhand Smoke will damage your lungs. Because science tells us that "Secondhand Smoke Kills",


We support a nationwide smoke-free indoor workplace law to protect all employees  from the dangers of secondhand smoke exposure in the workplace, including bars and restaurants.


Because over 50,000 non smokers die every year from the hazardous effects of second and third hand smoke.


All employees should be protected from exposure to secondhand smoke in the workplace.

Join us for a SmokeFree Air America.

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