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SmokeFree Atlanta is a coalition of local organizations working to create smoke-free environments for EVERYONE.  A smoke-free Atlanta would prohibit smoking in all public places and places of employment. More importantly, it will ensure that all workers and patrons of the arts are able to enjoy healthy, smoke-free environments.

Why go smokefree?


It's Better for Workers

Secondhand smoke is dangerous for every workers Health.
There is no constitutional right to smoke

It's Better for Business

Business costs of smoke-filled environments (DOWN)

Economic impact of smokefree laws (UP)

Smokefree policies do not hurt the hospitality industry

Save Lives, Save Money: Make Your Business

Smoke Free.

Smokefree Workplace Laws Don't Hurt Business

It's Better for The Community

Smokefree policies reduce secondhand smoke exposure

Chambers of Commerce support smokefree policies



Electronic Cigarette Lounges to Be Further Analyzed in South San Francisco
SBWire (press release) - January 10, 2014
In what has been the latest in the in the
electronic cigarette battle has been in the city of South San Francisco that has issued a 45-day temporary ban on the construction of new vaping, however this ban halt on new permits and licenses does not apply to retailers. This moratorium will enable the city to be able to study and evaluate the effects of e cigarettes and determine whether if there is need for changing the zoning laws to limit the use of the smoking devices. Yet many analysts note that South San Francisco council does not appear aiming to ban "vaping", but rather they are adopting a modified wait and see policy as their council members want to know more about the health effects of which have not been fully researched. This moratorium was based on a vote on Wednesday night, which makes the South San Francisco City to be the latest city to join a growing list of cities that are implementing their own regulations on electronic cigarettes as well as inquiring on the health impacts of the smoking devices. Recently Union City voted last month to ban electric cigarette lounges and also so did New York vote to ban the use of the smoking devices in public areas. Yet Councilman Pradeep Gupta of South San Francisco City was quoted as saying "I don't know enough about it. I would like to look at the study as a way of getting myself more informed."

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