Secondhand Smoke is Killing over 600,000 People Each Year World Wide. Take Action!  

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No Amount of Secondhand Smoke Is Safe. None!



There is no safe level of secondhand smoke. Protect yourself, do not breathe secondhand smoke. But completely avoiding secondhand smoke is very hard to do. Most of us breathe secondhand smoke whether we know it or not. You breathe secondhand smoke in restaurants, around the doorways of buildings, and at work.


What Can You Do

  • Make your environment smokefree

  • Make your home and car smoke-free.

  • Visit smoke-free restaurants and public places.

  • Ask people not to smoke around you and your children.


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The SmokeFree Atlanta campaign is a coalition of community partners working to ensure that all workers are protected from secondhand smoke exposure. While some folks will say that they can find another job if they don't like the smoke, we know that jobs are scarce and that people will sacrifice their health to keep a job. Georgia has one of the top 10 unemployment rates in the country....job hopping is not an option for the working class. Every worker deserves a healthy, smokefree workplace.

New CDC study finds that smokefree laws doesn't hurt bars', restaurant's revenue


Research in the past 2 decades has provided clear evidence that smoke-free laws have no adverse effects on the economic performance of restaurants or bars. In this new study, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention measured employment and sales in bars and restaurants in 9 states, and found no negative impact due to the passage of smokefree laws.

Join us as we seek to eradicate all indoor smoking of tobacco products and secondhand smoke exposure. Because there is no safe level of exposure to these deadly toxins. None!

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