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Secondhand Smoke


What It Means To You Even If You Don't Smoke.


There are Serious Health Consequences of Involountary Exposure to Tobacco Smoke


What We Do Know


There is no safe amount of secondhand smoke. Breathing even a little secondhand smoke can be dangerous.


Breathing secondhand smoke is a known cause of sudden infant death syndrone (SIDS). Children are also more likely to have lung problems, ear infections, and severe asthma from being around smoke.


Secondhand Smoke causes heart disease and lung cancer.


Seperate "no smoking" sections DO NOT protect you from secondhand smoke. Neither does filtering the air or opening a window.


Many states and communities have passed laws making workplaces, public places, restaurants and bars smokefree.

But millions of children and adults still breathe secondhand smoke in their homes, cars, workplaces, and in public places.


"Make Your Environment SmokeFree"


Stand Up & Speak Out  For A Smoke Free Workplace For All Entertainers, Bar & Restaurant Employees

"We Should Not Have To Chance Our Health For A Paycheck"

"It Is A Matter Of Community Health and Quality of Life"



We the Musicians, Entertainers, the community, and Service Industry Employees (Wait Staff / Bartenders) and SmokeFree Venue owners have taken a stand. To support a nationwide ban on all indoor smoking. To make all Bars, Restaurants, Parks, Entertainment Venues and College campuses SmokeFree. "It is a Matter of Life and Death."



SmokeFree Atlanta & Smoke Free Rights joins forces with The Atlanta Blues Society and our Musician & Music community to eradicate all indoor smoking of tobacco products that are doing so much harm to our musicians, bartenders and wait staffs health.

"Second Hand Smoke Exposure Kills""Musicians & Entertainers Speak Out"

We urge you to join with your local community in advocating for "Smoke Free Work Environments" for our musicians and hospitality workers.

                "We Deserve A Smoke Free Workplace Too"

The fight against cancer is

a growing nationwide movement, and every voice matters.

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network speaks out for cancer patients and their families at all levels of government. ACS-CAN and its members are working to make cancer a national priority.

Dee Lucas

Defending your right to breathe smokefree air since 1976.

ANR works to pass legislation at all levels of government to protect non smokers from secondhand smoke exposure. Protecting our youth with programs and services. Our goals are to raise a smokefree generation that rejects tobacco use and tobacco industry manipulation and interference tactics, and to educate the community about the health effects of secondhand smoke and the benefits of smokefree enviroments.

Americans For Non Smokers Rights

Onjewel Smith & President Cynthia Hallett

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The Atlanta Blues Society joins    the "Smoke Free Atlanta Coalition" in advocating for a Smoke Free Atlanta, as we continue our work to insure that we the Musicians have a Smoke Free, Safe, Clean Air Work Environment. Join Us Today!

"If One American Family Can Stand Up and Speak Out To Fight Cancer"

A Nation Can Rise Up and Defeat it!

"If You are one of our tens of thousands of ill musicians, suffering from being exposed to Secondhand Smoke, and or the use of tobacco products, we would like to hear your story!
                            "We Can Help"

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