Dr. Winston H. Gandy

Medical Doctor Winston Gandy Speaks Out

About The Dangers Of Smoking And Secondhand Smoke Exposure

Joins The SmokeFree Atlanta Campaign


He is a doctor of medicine and cardiology is his specialty.  Doctor Winston Gandy comes forth to talk about what he has seen in terms of the effects of first, second and third hand smoke on the numerous patients he treats for matters of the heart in his Atlanta medical offices.  This passionate physician feels it necessary to speak out about the dangers of smoking as he joins the SmokeFree Atlanta Campaign.

Doctor Gandy’s passion and interest in this issue is genuine because he is on the front line of treating those who have been affected by smoking, including second and third hand smoke.  “Lung cancer, diabetes, and a host of other related diseases that have the potential to destroy another generation of our young people”, says the cardiologist.  “These issues must be addressed”.

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