Dee Lucas   Jazz Saxopphonist / Recording Artist

As efforts to protect the public from secondhand smoke increases across the country – Dee Lucas and other artists are stepping up to share their experiences working in smoke filled environments.   “I still work in places around the USA where there is smoke,” states Mr. Lucas “Places like Las Vegas casinos and other venues still have smoking.”


When Dee Lucas appears in smoke filled venues today – the effects are noticeable. “I usually have red eyes and I start coughing,” states Mr. Lucas.  According to the United States Surgeon General, there no safe level of exposure to second hand smoke. Even brief exposure can have adverse effects on the cardiovascular system. “I would love to perform in smoke free environments,” As you can see my ability to perform at the highest depends on my ability to breath Smoke Free Air. My health and life is at risk each time i perform in a Smoking venue! I try to pass on the jobs that allow this. But working around the country doesn't always allow you to have a heads up! But i do not like to play there and neither should you. Secondhand Smoke Kills! 

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