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"Smoke Is Not Ambience"

Lewmar Entertainment / Entertainers Speak Out For Smokefree Rights for All Inc. in Atlanta, GA believes that smoke is not needed for ambience. When you think of bars and nightclubs, you probably think about a lively atmosphere full of people, music, and good times.

For entertainers, working in bars and nightclubs comes with a heavy price. Their regular exposure to secondhand smoke has serious health consequences, including respiratory illness, heart disease, lung cancer, and even death. Why should they have to gamble with their health to earn a living?


Everyone deserves a healthy work environment. In bars and nightclubs, musicians, comedians, entertainers, other artists are at a greater risk for lung and heart disease.  They are overexposed and under-protected. So why would anyone work in a bar or nightclub if it’s so hazardous to his or her health?

Smoke Free bar

Like the rest of us, they have bills to pay and families to support. No one should have to choose between his or her health and a paycheck.  Don’t believe that these smoky environments are “ambiance.” They are unhealthy, even deadly work environments for the people who have to earn their livings there.


Along with increasing one’s risk of heart disease, and respiratory illnesses, secondhand smoke irritates the vocal cords, potentially causing them to shut down. Damage to the voice can cost musicians their careers.

Many of the entertainers that are loved by fans around the world, have joined together to fight for healthier workplaces for all employees.


Meet our group of advocates and activists and talk with our staff and consultants about what you can do to make your work and play environment a smoke-free, clean air, and safe, work and play environment for musicians and hospitality employees in your community.

Lewis McTush, CEO

Lewis McTush,

As Chief Executive Officer of LewMar Millennium Entertainment LLC. Lewis McTush, has been in the corporate and professional halls of the music, entertainment and records promotions industry, as a promoter and marketing professional for over 50 years. Founder of “Entertainers Speaking Out” for Smoke Free Rights For All, Inc. a Georgia Non Profit organization on the front lines of the Smoke Free Atlanta and Georgia State wide advocacy for the elimination of indoor smoking of tobacco products in public spaces, and tobacco cessation treatment programs for our musicians, hospitality workers, and our community patrons of the arts! “We Deserve A Smoke Free Workplace Too”. We should not have to sacrifice our lives and health for a paycheck! Supported by, The Americans For Non-Smokers Rights Organization since 2013.

Khalifa Sultan Lee

Khalifa Sultan Lee

Khalifa Sultan Lee, 


  • University of Virginia Alumni

  • President’s Commission for Slavery and the University (PCSU), UVA Black Alumni Assoc Initiative,

  • Black Alumni Weekend Planning Committee

  • Benjamin E. Mays High School Alumni Association, Founder, Communications Chair 2016

  • Gates Millennium Leadership Alumni Scholar

  • HABESHA, Inc, Sustainable Seeds Educator

  • Hood180° Inc, Founder, VP & Urban Agriculture Chair

  • Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Activist Member

  • Tuskegee Airman Scholar

  • Unite for Youth, Executive Director

Yalonda J. Brown

Yalonda J. Brown

Yalonda J. Brown

Yalonda joined us as the Indiana Senior Outreach Manager. She is a seasoned professional who has held roles in both public and private sectors in the areas of executive management, sales, training and development, customer service and program management. She is excited to be a brand ambassador for Entertainers Speak Out..

Yalonda holds a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and is a certified Development Dimensions International (DDI) Facilitator. She has many philanthropic interests surrounding her passion for youth development and is committed to improving the lives of all she touches through her efforts. Prior to joining us Yalonda achieved this mission in her role as a Program Coordinator with the Center for Leadership Development, Inc., of which she is an Alumna. She is a member of the Board of Directors of Pink 4 Ever Breast Cancer Advocacy Group in Indianapolis Indiana.

Tom Davis, Dr

Tom Davis,
Dr. Love Radio

George Klien Co-President Atlanta Blues

George Klien
Atlanta Blues Society

Rev. Victor L. Johnson

Rev. Victor L. Johnson
Veterans & Community Outreach, Founder

Jay Francis Springs Media Consultant Pho

Jay Francis Springs
Media Consultant
Phoenix Media / WIGO Radio

Atlanta Blue Society
Jo's Blues Music Foundation
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